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How to establish your brand as a growing SME

The mere mention of the word branding makes the majority of growing business owners run for the hills.  It’s a common misconception that branding is only for the big boys with vast budgets and something SMEs should tackle further down the line.  However, establishing a branding strategy and defining your brand during the initial stages [...]

How to develop a ‘Go to Market’ strategy

How does your business connect with its customers and how do you deliver your unique value? How do you go from the initial connection with a potential customer to the fulfilment of your brand promise?  The answer to these vital questions defines your go-to-market strategy. Your go-to-market strategy brings together all of the key [...]

9 Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

If you're currently undertaking your own marketing activity, here are nine tips you can easily manage yourself that won't be costly to implement. 1.Use a strapline. If your company name does not explain your business activity, consider using a strap line e.g. Budweiser, 'The King of Beers'; Debenhams, 'The Nation’s Favourite Department Store'. If your [...]

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