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November 2013

News | Competitor Analysis Service Launched


The Suffolk-based marketing and PR agency Business Vitamins, has today launched a stand-alone competitor marketing analysis service. The facility provides businesses with information and analysis about their perceived and actual competitors. The resulting insight will give companies a competitive advantage which can be used to achieve incremental business growth. Until today, this research and analysis [...]

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April 2013

Social Media Advertising


With literally millions of visitors every hour, Facebook & LinkedIn display advertising is a tempting proposition for anyone looking to get their business in front of a very big audience. Assuming that most businesses do not have an infinite marketing budget, particularly for advertising via an immature channel, there will be some fairly serious [...]

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July 2012

How to Win Customer Loyalty


In the current economic climate, customers are increasingly likely to shop around for goods and services. When budgets are tight and adding real value becomes more difficult by the day, maintaining market share is all about customer loyalty.During a recession, customers are less susceptible to a simple discount or a reward in return for a [...]

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February 2012

Vandersanden, Integrated Campaign Management


The Client Vandersanden BV (VDS) is a major European manufacturer of specialist building bricks, based in Belgium. They turn over c€80m, with most of their revenue coming from northern Europe. They have a long history of making very high quality bricks from locally sourced clay, as well as designing new and innovative building systems. The [...]

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August 2011

Quote: ”Advertising Doesn’t Work!”


As a business owner who regularly attends many networking meetings, this is a phrase I often hear; particularly, I’ve noticed, after introducing myself as owning a marketing agency.I tend not to speak furiously about the finer points of my industry at such meetings, but this response always intrigues me. So, a few questions:Q: What makes [...]

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July 2011

The trials of being a mumpreneur


I think it’s fair to say I’m struggling in the office today. Not because the work is difficult or clients are being awkward, but just because I’m tired. I have a three year old daughter who is usually a very good sleeper. However last night, she was awake from just after midnight until about six [...]

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June 2011

How Unprofessional!


I recently found myself chatting with someone at a local business networking lunch. We began to talk about the various events we attend and were surprised our paths had never crossed before. The gentleman in question mentioned one particular business breakfast, but quickly continued with; ‘But that’s only for professionals’. The patronising words ‘so [...]

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May 2011

Questions Questions…


You have some lovely customers and you have probably spent a certain amount of money ‘buying’ them. You have probably purchased and given out some business cards. You may have paid for a website and domain name. You may have invested in an advert. You may have attended a networking event or two. As [...]

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March 2011

Knowing When To Let Go


In this month's Business Vitamins blog, we have a guest blogger, Jane Cattermole of 'BayTree VA'. Over to you Jane... I recently posed the question ‘how easy do you find it to delegate?’ on the LinkedIn East Anglia SME Business Forum group. It resulted in some thought-provoking comments, which showed that delegation is something that’s [...]

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January 2011