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December 2017

Our response to “B2B advertising doesn’t work.”


It’s a statement we hear from business owners frequently and it’s simply not true. B2B advertising does work - but only when businesses know what they want to achieve before planning and running their advertising campaigns.Understanding why adverts aren’t working and where budgets are being misspent isn’t hard when you understand a few golden rules. [...]

Our response to “B2B advertising doesn’t work.”2019-02-01T10:19:56+00:00

August 2017

How to establish your brand as a growing SME


The mere mention of the word branding makes the majority of growing business owners run for the hills.  It’s a common misconception that branding is only for the big boys with vast budgets and something SMEs should tackle further down the line.  However, establishing a branding strategy and defining your brand during the initial stages [...]

How to establish your brand as a growing SME2017-08-22T14:58:17+00:00

How to develop a ‘Go to Market’ strategy


How does your business connect with its customers and how do you deliver your unique value? How do you go from the initial connection with a potential customer to the fulfilment of your brand promise?  The answer to these vital questions defines your go-to-market strategy. Your go-to-market strategy brings together all of the key [...]

How to develop a ‘Go to Market’ strategy2017-08-21T14:58:04+00:00

January 2015

I love my parents, Gordon Ramsay and Joanna Lumley


As someone who writes copy on a regular basis, I like to think I have a relatively good grasp of spelling and grammar, or as my 6 year old calls it, SPAG. However, there are occasions when I have to refer to my well-thumbed books of English grammar rules, just to check, just in [...]

I love my parents, Gordon Ramsay and Joanna Lumley2019-01-31T11:07:04+00:00

September 2014

How to Use Humour in Your Marketing Campaigns


For generations companies have used humour in advertising to engage potential customers. Humour is one of the most effective ways to generate a positive emotional response to a product or service: A reaction that will often encourage an individual to make an immediate purchasing decision. There are several benefits of using humour in marketing campaigns. [...]

How to Use Humour in Your Marketing Campaigns2019-01-31T11:13:20+00:00

June 2014

Should You Include Your Competitor Brand Names in Google Adwords?


Google, in the UK at least, enjoys a search engine market share of around 89%. Part of this market share is attributable to Google's paid search advertising product, Adwords. This offers a straightforward and extremely targeted method of advertising to real live human beings who may be searching for the "stuff" that your business sells. We're going to [...]

Should You Include Your Competitor Brand Names in Google Adwords?2014-06-18T10:17:00+00:00

9 Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank


If you're currently undertaking your own marketing activity, here are nine tips you can easily manage yourself that won't be costly to implement. 1. Use a strapline. If your company name does not explain your business activity, consider using a strap line e.g. Budweiser, 'The King of Beers'; Debenhams, 'The Nation’s Favourite Department Store'. If [...]

9 Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank2014-06-12T10:04:26+00:00

Social Media Advertising #2


With literally millions of visitors every hour, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter advertising is a tempting proposition for anyone looking to get their business in front of a very big audience. Assuming that most businesses do not have an infinite marketing budget, particularly for advertising via relatively immature channels, there will be some serious questions to [...]

Social Media Advertising #22014-06-07T10:05:26+00:00

May 2014

Colourful Language


Do you know the reason behind the specific colour palette chosen for your company’s branding? Maybe you’re the business owner and it was a personal decision. Maybe a vast department of creative marketing types sat around a glass-topped table and discussed emotions, moods and personality before a decision was made? Either way, someone had the [...]

Colourful Language2019-01-31T11:14:42+00:00

To host or not to host?


Should you host videos on your website or use YouTube instead? You already know that, if managed correctly, including videos on your website can make for a highly engaging experience that encourages visitors to spend longer learning about your business. But wait, before you rush out, create loads of high quality video content and 'slap' [...]

To host or not to host?2019-01-31T11:43:27+00:00