September 2014

How to Use Humour in Your Marketing Campaigns


For generations companies have used humour in advertising to engage potential customers. Humour is one of the most effective ways to generate a positive emotional response to a product or service: A reaction that will often encourage an individual to make an immediate purchasing decision. There are several benefits of using humour in marketing campaigns. [...]

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April 2013

Social Media Advertising


With literally millions of visitors every hour, Facebook & LinkedIn display advertising is a tempting proposition for anyone looking to get their business in front of a very big audience. Assuming that most businesses do not have an infinite marketing budget, particularly for advertising via an immature channel, there will be some fairly serious [...]

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February 2012

Vandersanden, Integrated Campaign Management


The Client Vandersanden BV (VDS) is a major European manufacturer of specialist building bricks, based in Belgium. They turn over c€80m, with most of their revenue coming from northern Europe. They have a long history of making very high quality bricks from locally sourced clay, as well as designing new and innovative building systems. The [...]

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August 2011

Quote: ”Advertising Doesn’t Work!”


As a business owner who regularly attends many networking meetings, this is a phrase I often hear; particularly, I’ve noticed, after introducing myself as owning a marketing agency.I tend not to speak furiously about the finer points of my industry at such meetings, but this response always intrigues me. So, a few questions:Q: What makes [...]

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