May 2014

Colourful Language


Do you know the reason behind the specific colour palette chosen for your company’s branding? Maybe you’re the business owner and it was a personal decision. Maybe a vast department of creative marketing types sat around a glass-topped table and discussed emotions, moods and personality before a decision was made? Either way, someone had the [...]

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July 2010

Probably – The Worlds – Bright – Dreams – Could be You – (so) Just Do It!


Over the last few weeks, we seem to have come across an increasing number of companies whose name really doesn’t tell us anything about their business activity. Whilst not a crime, it could present a problem when that business is trying to get their message heard. What amazes us more however, is the number of [...]

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August 2009

No Odd Socks Please


The faintest sniff of global economic recovery is being smelled right now in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. For it is here that one young couple we know are feeling enough house-market positivity to embark on the arduous process of moving home.Considering a more rural location, perhaps they’ve reached a certain age where town living isn’t [...]

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Best of a Brand Bunch?


Happy Birthday to Terry Wogan KBE, 71 years old today! Revered as a British national treasure despite being Irish, Terry is one of our best loved and most loathed celebrities. Rising to fame in the 1960s on Irish radio and subsequently Radio One, he moved to the smooth sounds of Radio Two in the early [...]

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