August 2011

Quote: ”Advertising Doesn’t Work!”


As a business owner who regularly attends many networking meetings, this is a phrase I often hear; particularly, I’ve noticed, after introducing myself as owning a marketing agency.I tend not to speak furiously about the finer points of my industry at such meetings, but this response always intrigues me. So, a few questions:Q: What makes [...]

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June 2011

How Unprofessional!


I recently found myself chatting with someone at a local business networking lunch. We began to talk about the various events we attend and were surprised our paths had never crossed before. The gentleman in question mentioned one particular business breakfast, but quickly continued with; ‘But that’s only for professionals’. The patronising words ‘so [...]

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March 2011

Knowing When To Let Go


In this month's Business Vitamins blog, we have a guest blogger, Jane Cattermole of 'BayTree VA'. Over to you Jane... I recently posed the question ‘how easy do you find it to delegate?’ on the LinkedIn East Anglia SME Business Forum group. It resulted in some thought-provoking comments, which showed that delegation is something that’s [...]

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January 2011

September 2010

Ruined by Rooney


I’m not a Wayne Rooney fan. This stark outlook has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with football, which I regard as nothing more than a noisy, slightly irritating distraction at best. I’m sure our Wayne is a very good footballer and well worth every penny of the £squillions paid for his services by whoever he plays [...]

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June 2010

Peter Drags on…


Peter Jones of Dragons Den fame has openly said ”networking is the most cost effective route to market there is.” I’m not so sure… Networking is very important indeed. It provides a very enjoyable way to extend your reach, get your name out there and meet potential new clients and suppliers alike. But I believe [...]

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