April 2013

Social Media Advertising


With literally millions of visitors every hour, Facebook & LinkedIn display advertising is a tempting proposition for anyone looking to get their business in front of a very big audience. Assuming that most businesses do not have an infinite marketing budget, particularly for advertising via an immature channel, there will be some fairly serious [...]

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February 2012

Vandersanden, Integrated Campaign Management


The Client Vandersanden BV (VDS) is a major European manufacturer of specialist building bricks, based in Belgium. They turn over c€80m, with most of their revenue coming from northern Europe. They have a long history of making very high quality bricks from locally sourced clay, as well as designing new and innovative building systems. The [...]

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December 2010

Ensure Radio Doesn’t Drive You Ga Ga


Unfortunately, radio can often be brushed aside or added to a PR campaign at the very last minute. Given the power of the radio to influence opinion, it is a grave mistake to simply ‘whizz the press release’ over to the local radio to ‘see if they might be interested’! There’s no ‘might be interested’ [...]

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February 2010

Who wants to listen to me?


Last night I battled through the sleet and snow to attend one of my usual networking meetings. It’s a great group and the attendees have huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm for their work. It’s the kind of meeting that feels more like a night out with friends than a formal environment where I can [...]

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November 2009

Got a Sneaky Britney?


Business Vitamins is on Twitter. Yay. And? Well, we rather like it actually. Let me divulge our Twitter strategy, which, by the way, is no great secret and you’re quite welcome to copy it, refer it on and claim it as your own or simply ignore it. Here it is… Ready? We use Twitter to [...]

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August 2009

Colonisation by Americanisation


My father-in-law enjoys a good rant. Although not a grumpy old man, he is a man in his mid sixties; successful in his career although long retired. Whilst it’s not his defining characteristic, he is compulsively METICULOUS in his execution of spelling and grammar. He hates American exports. He’s really thinking about their language exports [...]

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July 2009

Public Enemy No 1


It's 75 years to the day since John Dillinger died outside a Chicago theatre in 1934! For those not in the know, this is very topical given the recent release of “Public Enemies”, starring Johnny Depp as the aforementioned Dillinger. No doubt this is a film I’m soon to endure as my wife has had [...]

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To post or not to post…


It’s fifty years since the first UK postcode was introduced in 1959!A nice little factoid and one I’ll certainly file away under “useful gems for the pub quiz”… but so what, surely they’ve been replaced by that ubiquitous item of personal identity, the email address?I’m not so sure. There’s still a place for direct mail. [...]

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