July 2012

How to Win Customer Loyalty


In the current economic climate, customers are increasingly likely to shop around for goods and services.  When budgets are tight and adding real value becomes more difficult by the day, maintaining market share is all about customer loyalty.During a recession, customers are less susceptible to a simple discount or a reward in return for a [...]

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August 2011

Quote: ”Advertising Doesn’t Work!”


As a business owner who regularly attends many networking meetings, this is a phrase I often hear; particularly, I’ve noticed, after introducing myself as owning a marketing agency. I tend not to speak furiously about the finer points of my industry at such meetings, but this response always intrigues me. So, a few questions: [...]

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July 2010

Probably – The Worlds – Bright – Dreams – Could be You – (so) Just Do It!


Over the last few weeks, we seem to have come across an increasing number of companies whose name really doesn’t tell us anything about their business activity. Whilst not a crime, it could present a problem when that business is trying to get their message heard. What amazes us more however, is the number of [...]

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April 2010

When Black Sheep Turn Green


We all know that if we continue to consume the earth’s resources at the current rate, the planet is in serious trouble. Whilst many of us recycle as much as possible, how many of us think about sustainability and our obligations to future generations when we go about our business activities? Typically we think of [...]

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March 2010

“Mundane to Magnificent” Cert PG


I’m not a film critic who claims to have seen them all or plays hard to impress. I was, however, astounded recently by something that in many films is usually an overlooked detail. Subtitles. Oh yes, those slightly annoying words for those of us forced to read them when we don’t speaka-da-lingo. We spend hours [...]

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February 2010

Who wants to listen to me?


Last night I battled through the sleet and snow to attend one of my usual networking meetings. It’s a great group and the attendees have huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm for their work. It’s the kind of meeting that feels more like a night out with friends than a formal environment where I can [...]

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November 2009

Got a Sneaky Britney?


Business Vitamins is on Twitter. Yay. And? Well, we rather like it actually. Let me divulge our Twitter strategy, which, by the way, is no great secret and you’re quite welcome to copy it, refer it on and claim it as your own or simply ignore it. Here it is… Ready? We use Twitter to [...]

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October 2009

The Perfect Pitch


Picture this… You’re in Portugal. On the Algarve. You’re lazily exploring a traditional local market. There are a few bargains and a lot of “designer gear” of iffy provenance. You see daily essentials you might expect to find more readily in a supermarket (toe nail clippers anyone?), as well as a big slice of local [...]

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August 2009

No Odd Socks Please


The faintest sniff of global economic recovery is being smelt right now in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. For it is here that one young couple we know are feeling enough house-market positivity to embark on the arduous process of moving home. Considering a more rural location, perhaps they’ve reached a certain age where town living [...]

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Colonisation by Americanisation


My father-in-law enjoys a good rant. Although not a grumpy old man, he is a man in his mid sixties; successful in his career although long retired. Whilst it’s not his defining characteristic, he is compulsively METICULOUS in his execution of spelling and grammar. He hates American exports. He’s really thinking about their language exports [...]

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